Adding Signers

Either define specific signers or keep it public when creating an agreement

Specify Signers

Keep the Reusable Link toggle off for this set up.

  1. Enter Signer Name and Email address
  2. Click “+ Add signer”
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with all needed signers
  4. If you need to remove a signer click the remove button, next to the signer
  5. Once finished adding signers, click Next to proceed onto the Place fields step
Once you have added all signers, you can go a step further and set a signing order, if desired. Just click the “Set signing order” checkbox and each name will have a number assigned. You can click and drag to re-sequence if needed.
Setting Signing Order will auto-email subsequent signers after the previous person has signed.

Do not Specify Signers

If you do not have specific signers for the document then select the Reusable Link toggle.

This will set up the link in a way that it can be accessed over and over by anyone to sign. For example, a generic Appearance Release form that can be signed by 50 different spectators at an event. 


For more information about adding signers, please email