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Integration deep-dive: Google Drive

Setup to deliver completed agreements into a destination Google Drive folder

Harbour fully supports the ongoing exporting of completed agreement data into a customer-owned Google Drive Folder including agreement metadata, the signed agreement pdf, and any agreement file attachments.

For other integration and connector options, please check out full integrations and connectors guide here. Or continue here for a deep-dive on Google Drive:

Google Drive Customer setup

  1. Create a new Google Drive folder to receive agreement content (e.g., "inbound-agreementcontent-harbour")
  2. Share this folder with the exporter account: serviceaccount-agreementcontent-harbour@harbourcollaborators.com). Note: be sure to allow Editor access to insert new files
  3. Almost done -- now collect the following information (example values below too) and provide it to your Harbour customer representative (or contact us at support@harbourshare.com):
    1. Google Drive Folder URL

That's it! -- we will then shortly get back to you with a working integration and examples. When the metadata comes back too, it will be in this JSON data schema. The files will also now be in the Google Drive Folder then too.

From here, you can then additionally use the standard Google Drive REST API for further data processing and automation workflows.