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Step 2 of 4 - Drag inputs, add signature fields and customize fillable fields

How to prepare your agreement for e-signature by dragging inputs and fillable fields onto your document.

  • Drag inputs and fields from the right side of the agreement editor directly onto the document. Customize the title of the fields to better match your agreement. 
  • Use smart fields like "Sign Date" which will automatically stamp the date that specific signer completes their agreement onto the document.

How to drag inputs and fields onto your document. Customize and rename as needed:

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Add signature fields and adjust the size to fit:

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Quick tip for repeating fields (e.g. customer name appears twice on document)
  • For repeating information (e.g. signer's name appears twice on the document), simply re-drag the input from the top right onto the document.
  • The recipient will type their name once, while it's stamped onto multiple places across the document.
  • There will be a number inside parentheses next to the field's title showing how many times that field is appearing on the document:

Screen Cast 2021-07-25 at 9.41.41 PM