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Step 4 - Create and send the agreement link

The final step is to create your agreement link and send it out for signature.

  • Click the blue "Create new link" button at the bottom of the screen. This link is the agreement!
  • Once you see the green "Active" text, you're officially ready to send the agreement link to your signers
  • If you've set a signing order, send the agreement to your first signer. All following signers will receive automated emails when it's their turn to sign
  • You can click the "Email" button to send an email with Harbour's email-tool, or copy the link to send using your preferred method of communication. All signers can use the same link
  • Once your agreement link is active, you can track it in your Dashboard. See who has signed and who is pending, and resend the agreement as needed via the link or email

    Create a new agreement link and send it!

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