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Creating Templates

Templates are a great for agreements used regularly where much of the content does not change.

Creating Templates

There are two paths to create a template:

  • Click New Agreement at the top right, check the Create as template box at the bottom right, and upload your document
  • Click Templates from the left navigation, then click the New Template button on the right, and upload your document

Once you upload your document, follow the steps below:

  1. Define your template name
  2. Select the template group where you want the template to live
  3. Define the number of signers and optionally set default signer info

4. Click Next

5. Place fields on to document for each signer

6. Click Create

Your new template will appear in the gallery under the group you defined in Step 4!

See this article for details on how to create an agreement link from your newly created template: Start from Template