Adding Users and User Groups

Add users and break into groups and apply different template permissions

  • Two default groups will always be present: Super Admins, and Default Users.
  • New groups can be added at any time. 
  • Users can be members of multiple groups.
  • To access user groups settings, click the menu icon at the top right, then click Users.
    Note: you must be an admin to access user groups.

Super Admins

Super Admins have full permissions in Harbour. They can view, and edit all data created by anyone in Harbour. Including agreements, links, and templates. They can also add users, manage integrations, and billing.


Users (non-admins) have permissions in Harbour to view and edit all items in Harbour that they created themselves. Users can view others' agreements and folders only if they have been explicitly shared with them by the folder owner.  Users cannot add other users, manage integrations, and billing.

Creating a group

To create a new user group you must be an admin.

  1. Click Create a new group
  2. Add a group name and optional description, then click next
  3. Add users
    You can either type emails in manually or import from a spreadsheet or comma separate listed, then click Add.
    Note: if you add a user who is not already in the default group, they will be added to your newly created user group as well as the default users group.
  4. Click Create

Adding users

To add a new user you must be an admin.

  1. Click Add Users on any existing group
  2. Add users by typing or importing emails
  3. Click Save

Deleting users

To delete an existing user you must be an admin.

  1. Click Add Users on any existing group
  2. Click the trashcan icon on the user you wish to delete
  3. Click Save

Important note: to delete a user completely and eliminate all access to Harbour, be sure to delete the user from the Default user group.

Define template permissions

In your template gallery, you can define which user groups can see which templates. For information on how to set this up click here!